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Know your trainee’s zones and personalize every workout session with live data

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Real-time Metrics

During in-person or virtual sessions, Hummingbird streams your trainee’s live heart rate (BPM) and calories.

In the know

Without asking, you know their zones - live BPM metrics will tell you when to push and when to pull back. For any type of workout, you can track your trainee’s progress to each target zone and maximize recovery in between.

Part of your plan

Hummingbird session stats get stored in the native Apple Fitness/Health app, which makes it easier for trainee's to track their progress within your comprehensive wellness plan.

Connecting is as easy as 1-2-3


You create a session and share a unique code with your trainee


Trainee enters the code and starts sharing their live metrics from their Apple Watch


You track your trainee’s real-time heart rate and calories and tailor accordingly

No worries

Hummingbird does not sell trainees’ personal data to advertising platforms, data brokers, or information resellers.

Personal metrics will only be shared during the session and all data is securely stored and encrypted.

Read more about ourprivacy policyandterms and conditions

Easy, right?

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